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7 Tips For Moving Day




Whether you’re buying or selling a home, there’s going to be some moving involved – and let’s be honest, there are probably a million things you’d rather be doing. We’re here to help you with some tips that will help making your move as efficient and painless as possible.


The Right Box Makes the Difference



Forgot about using flimsy cardboard boxes to move your stuff – they’ll cause you more grief than they’re worth. We provide our buyers and sellers with 50 Frogbox boxes to help with packing needs. These sturdy plastic containers are both convenient and eco-friendly. The process is straightforward: your boxes will be delivered to you at your old place prior to the move, and they’ll be picked up later from your new home after you’ve unpacked.


Set Up a Tool Box


Start by organizing important items that will help you with your packing. Designate an area for your moving supplies and stock it with scissors, tape, markers, Ziploc bags, and tools that you might need to take apart and re-assemble furniture.


Slow and Steady Wins the Race


The earlier you start, the saner you’ll remain throughout your move. Depending on your timeline, space out your packing as much as possible. Try to tackle one room per week – or if you’re on a tighter schedule, aim for one room per day.


Keep, Donate, Trash


As you pack up your possessions, you’re probably going to come across some items that you don’t need anymore – in fact, you’ll probably find a few things that you didn’t even know you had! This is a great opportunity to get rid of some clutter before your move. Sort your items into three general piles: items you will take with you to your next home (keep); items that can be donated to a local non-profit (donate); and items that you will take to the dump (trash). 


Snap a Photo


As you’re unplugging your media systems or breaking down furniture, keep your cell phone or a camera nearby. Snap a photo of what the finished product is supposed to look like, along with a few shots of any complicated steps involved in the dismantling process. This will save you a few headaches when it comes time to re-assembling your items.



Get Some Help


Tackling a move solo is not for the faint of heart. When you’re buying or selling a home, you have a lot to deal with – from paperwork to painting to picking up new furniture – so consider calling in the pros to help you with the heavy lifting. It’s money well spent for the peace of mind you’ll get.


Don’t Delay the Unpacking


We know – after you’ve spent hours/days/weeks packing up your old house, the last thing you want to do is deal with that daunting stack of boxes. Avoid procrastinating – the sooner you start, the sooner you’ll be done, and the sooner your new place will feel like home. Slow and steady might be the right approach to packing, but when it comes to unpacking, your best bet is to get it over with as quickly as possible!